V 9. razredu se v tem tednu pri pouku angleščine pogovarjamo o mednarodnem dnevu žensk, njegovem pomenu in sporočilu. Tema letošnjega 8. marca je #ChooseToChallenge. V svoji poslanici, ki si jo lahko preberete in ogledate spodaj, nas pesnica Anisa Nandaula spodbudi, da se vprašamo, v kolikšni meri naše identitete določajo vnaprej naučeni stereotipi, in kaj smo pripravljeni narediti, da bi vse deklice in ženske na svetu pred seboj videle enako odprto prihodnost, kot jo lahko vidijo fantje in moški.

Gender is a pre-written book. And the plot is boring! Daughter, girlfriend, mother, wife – rip out the pages, staple them to your back, and start soaring. Pretty, quiet, weak – they will try to describe you with such things, but you will use these stereotypes and turn them into your wings, when you #ChooseToChallenge

Gender is a pre-written book. But not all the girls’ stories end the same way. 33 000 girls are forced to become child brides every day. 132 million girls are not in school. And their futures are balloons that they watch drift away. But you are the full stop to this story, you are a new sentence that takes it on a different road when you speak up. You open your palms and you share the load when you #ChooseToChallenge

Gender is a pre-written book. But not all of the characters are included. Like the First Nations women, who stand as still as statues, always walked past but never acknowledged or seen. Or migrant women, whose cultures stand like a skyscraper, and they’re forced to burn down the paths of themselves society doesn’t deem convenient. Or refugee women, who are treated with brutality when we should have been lenient. And you are there as the story unfolds, and you are faced with a choice. So #ChooseToChallenge

Gender is a pre-written book and this is your chance to add your own chapter. To call out racism and sexism, and use courage to rub it out. To stand when the rest of the world has chosen to sit. To call it out at home, at work, at school, bit by bit. To scream when the world has chosen to whisper. Not just for your daughter, your mother or your sister. Let us #ChooseToChallenge

Gender is a pre-written book, and if you’re listening to this then your actions are the pen, your life is the paper, you are not the opression of the past. I believe that you are so much greater! Stronger. Kinder. Choose to create history, not to be created by it. #ChooseToChallenge

– Anisa Nandaula

V tem videoposnetku si lahko ogledate poslanico, ki jo je pripravila pesnica Anisa Nandaula.


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