Roald Dahl – MATILDA

“The books transported her into new worlds and introduced her to amazing people who lived exciting lives.”

“She felt fairly confident that with a great deal of practice and effort she would succeed in the end.”

The story is about Matilda, who is not an ordinary kid. She is very smart. She lives with her parents and her brother, who are very different. Her parents don’t care for her so she has to learn everything all by herself. On Matilda’s first day of school her teacher Miss Honey notices how smart Matilda is. One day when Miss Trunchbull has Matilda’s class, Matilda discovers her special power. (Lara)

This was my third time reading this book and I liked it. It’s a very easy read but you can find some words that are not popular and that’s the main thing I like about Roald Dahl’s writing! (Ema Erna)

I liked this book because it was short and easy to understand. I liked Matilda’s pranks on her dad and how she scared Miss Trunchbull. (Lara)


“I’m quite aware of my differences. I wouldn’t classify them as weird.”

“Each funeral was a funeral for all of us. We lived and died together.”

The story is about Arnold aka Junior, 14-year-old kid. He lives on a Spokane Indian reservation. Nobody from his tribe has left ‘the rez’ before, so everyone is really shocked when he decides to leave it. He starts attending the Reardan High School, which is 22 miles away and he often has to walk there. He loves playing basketball and also joins the school varsity. At the beginning everyone is labelling him as ‘that Indian kid’ but in the end, everything changes. On his journey he meets a girlfriend, he has a lot of arguments with his best friend and he also loses a couple of people who meant a lot to him. (Ema Erna)

I like this book because it’s realistic. It shows the bad side, too. It shows how racism is still a thing and that we should do something about it. I also liked the drawings. (Lara)

I really liked this book! This was my second time reading it but I enjoyed it even more than the first time. I liked the fact that the author also included a lot of funny stuff into the book, but still stayed serious about the more important topics. (Ema Erna)

R. J. Palacio – WONDER

“When given the choice between being right or being kind, choose kind.”

Wonder talks about Auggie (August). He has a rare facial condition called Treacher Collins syndome which is the reason he had SO many plastic surgeries. His facial difference surprises everyone who sees him and is the reason for bullying he experiences at his first ‘real’ year at the Beecher Prep School. He quickly becomes friends with Jack Will and together they go through ups and downs. In the book, we also follow Auggie’s everyday life at home where he lives with his mom, dad, sister Olivia and a dog called Daisy. (Ema Erna)

I liked the book. It’s kind of a sad book but it’s good. I liked the ending. (Lara)

I really liked the book! I especially liked the format it’s written in (from different POVs). My favourite character is Summer! I love her energy. However, I didn’t like Justin’s POV. Not in terms of his mindset or whatever but the style it was written in.  (Ema Erna)


“No one ever says goodbye unless they want to see you again.”

The main character is Aza. She is 16 years old. She attends White River High School. The story is about her and her friendship with Daisy, her relationship with Davis and her battle with OCD and anxiety. Aza is lost in her own mind while Daisy is totally opposite. The peak of the plot is when Aza drinks hand sanitizer from one of the hospital walls.

I liked it, it is very well written. I think it’s not for everyone. While reading this book you are kind of stuck with Aza and I liked it because the book makes you try to relate to her. (Lara)

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